Startup Accounting Systems

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During my college career, I took 2 classes on Accounting.  The first class was dreadfully boring.. the subject matter was bad, it was taught by some old guy.  It was awful.

But my 2nd Accounting class was a lot more interesting.  I had a beautiful African-American lady as my teacher, and even though her accent was thick.. I did my best to listen and I am really glad that I listened.  I have used the concept of a ‘Chart of Accounts’ about a hundred times. I never could have developed a Financial Analysis suite of software for the National Association of Realtors if I didn’t have a solid understanding of Accounting, Microsoft Excel and how to combine that data into a simple ‘Profit and Loss Statement’.

Throughout my career, I have done quite a bit of Financial Reporting.  I have built systems from scratch that can roll up and down a chart of accounts.    It’s worth mentioning that Parent-Child relationships are a LOT easier to use, now that we have Common Table Expressions and functions.

Back in 2001, I was working for a company named Briazz. I had grown quite a bit throughout my 19 months at Briazz.  When I had to navigate a chart of Accounts in Microsoft Excel, I learned the difficulties from using a spreadsheet for reporting on data from a database.  For some reason, I just had the worst time 18 years ago when I was trying to use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access to build a ‘Profit and Loss Statement’.