I can work with dozens of technologies. Here are some that I enjoy the most.

WordPress WordPress is a great platform for building a beautiful site that gets work done.
Odoo Sometimes it makes sense to build a hard-core business application. Many companies.. Small, Medium or Large could benefit from an open-source ERP platform. I love Odoo and I use it nearly every day.
cPanel cPanel is the interface that is used by GoDaddy. This platform is great for some projects, as it allows people to check out new applications without bending over backwards. The exciting parts of cPanel come from the addition of software called Softaculous. I love cPanel and Softaculous as it is a wonderful combination. I think that most web design firms should offer these services as it really helps beginning developers to learn new technologies.
VestaCP VestaCP is a great platform, and it is my first choice for nearly everything. I’ve looked at a half dozen other ‘Control Panel’ applications, and I just never find anything that HELPS me to get work done. I love the way that it is possible to segment security, database security and web security in a way that makes apps easier to build and more secure.
Windows Server Windows Server has been my favorite operating system for many years. I usually use Windows Server for database development purposes. This allows me to build more scalable applications than what is possible with Windows 10 and Windows 7. I like having more control over security by utilizing Active Directory and being able to setup double-hop authentication. I haven’t met a lot of database people that know how to properly setup Active Directory for delegation and double-hop authentication.
Ubuntu Server When you look at the market share, it’s obvious that Ubuntu Server is wildly popular. I like it for some projects. I like being able to use the same code between my development workstation (running on Xubuntu) and my Production Web Servers. I wish that VestaCP was not broken on Ubuntu, but I sure don’t have time to try and fix it.
Xubuntu Xubuntu is my favorite platform for software development. This operating system runs terrific on software old AND new. I just think that Xubuntu is a perfect fit for most people, because it ‘just works’.
CentOS / RHEL I like a lot of the features in CentOS that allow easier management of Web Servers. I like being able to utilize the Remi repository instead of needing to add a bunch of PPA repositories. I just think that it is easier to trust Remi than Ubuntu PPA and manually entering items into /etc/apt/sources.list